Kordana® potroses are special
miniature roses, which are developed
for the utilisation in living spaces, but
they are very suitable for the garden,
like terrace, balcony and for terracotta
planting. Furthermore Kordanas®
becomes more and more favourited as
fashioned elements in floristry works.
The growing popularity of Kordana® -
potroses is based on special quality
characteristics, like big flowers, similar
to hybrid teas, an extreme long shelf-life
and the darkgreen, healthy foliage.

All Kordana® varieties are bred at the company W. Kordes‘ Söhne and are tested intensively at Rosa Danica in Denmark. A very attractive assortment originated out of this fertile cooperation, which is offering excellent varieties in all colours requested for the producer, market and customer.

We are convinced that all tastes will be catered for!

To be able to judge more objective on the shelf life, the most important quality point for potroses, a cooperation with the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, as an independent institution, has been established. Only varieties, which will pass the scientifically supervised testing well, will finally be sold in the market.

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